Studying maths…

I understand nothing. There’s nothing more frustrating than this. Why am I so stupid? 

I am almost about to become desperate right now…

… I have so much work to do. Homework in Maths, French, English, German, Russian and Latin. (Yes, I have to learn so much languages.)

Next week we have got a Latin and French test, I have to learn lots of new words and grammer. I have to write essays in German and English, but I have no clue, what to write. In Russian, I have to learn the alphabeth. At first I thought, this couldn’t be that hard, but IT IS! I can’t even read simple words and this sucks. Why can’t Russian be in Latin letters as well?! Oh and there’s maths. I don’t understand anything in maths (but this is nothing new)

In addition, today is a prom at our school. I have to go, but I simply don’t have the time nor the muse to stay there until 1 or 2 a.m.  

I am stressed like never before and I am too tired to do anything. I just sit on my desk and stare at my Latin book. I can’t learn anything more, my head is about to explode. But still I don’t know anything, this is frustrating.

Anyone else who knows this feeling?