2012, day 175.

Ventura Warped Tour. Acoustic Anti-Flag.

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Billy Talent - Viking Death March in Brighton 29/05/12 (by Kerry5205)

Anti-Flag - Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C. (Live ‘09) (by alternativids)

Uhm…what is gravity again?

Uhm…what is gravity again?

Anti-Flag LIVE at the Sprectrum, Quebec, Montreal 06-05-1997 [Full Set]

Anti-Flag: This Is The End (For You My Friend) - live

Anti-Flag live at the Outhouse, 3 May 1997!

Justin Sane: "You wanna be fucking punk? You wanna be fucking cool? Then go rob a fucking bank!" 

This video is so amazing. I think they’re still as badass as they were back in 1997.


true love.

Dropkick Murphys live… I could watch this every day. It’s too good <3

Leningrad Cowboys

My favourite part of the concert was probably Mr. Rock-Lobster.

The concert was amazing!

Saw the Leningrad Cowobys live last night. It was just amazing! Their music is live so much better than on a record and they have like the best show ever! For example: One of the guys came up dressed as a lobster. He was like the coolest lobster in show business! Oh, and the Elvis costume wasn’t too bad as well. They were so funny, we laughed a lot.

The two dancers were awesome, the musicians were awesome (they are very talented!), the show was awesome and the people. Everyone had fun, everyone was dancing and singing. I also appreaciated the drum solo at the end of the concert, I wanted the drummer to never stop playing, because it sounded so great! The guitar players were also epic! Just epic, their solos were…OMG! And, not to forget, the accordion power and the trumpet and saxophone. Together with the great voices of the singers: Perfect! It was just a huge party!

Oh and the firework at the end of the concert was beautiful as well!

My sister and I we couldn’t resist and bought a T-Shirt and the new CD (Buena Social Vodka Club). I just listen to it all the time, I want to see them live again. 

Well, the Leningrad Cowboys are so much greater than I expected, I am still stoked and so happy that I saw them. 

I also took some pictures and a few videos. Not a lot, because I was too busy with jumping around and headbanging, but I might post them soon.

Dropkick Murphys @ Area 4 festival - Full concert!



In this link you can watch the full concert of Dropkick Murphys  @ Area 4 festival in Germany. (August 20th 2011)


Thank you @ paramuse for showing me the site :D

THIS made my day. :)


Flannigan’s Ball live