Christina Perri
Vance Joy


Vance Joy - Riptide

A Better Place, A Better Time
Streetlight Manifesto

It hurts too much to stand by
You’ve got to stop and draw a line
And everyone here has to choose a side, tonight
The moment of truth is haunting you
Don’t forget your family
Regardless of what you choose to do
You can’t decide
And they’re all screaming “why won’t you?”
I’ll start the engine but I can’t take this ride for you

and when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
I guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time
so you’re tired of living
and you feel like you might give in
well don’t
it’s not your time

and even if it was
I wouldn’t let you go
you could run run run run but I will follow close
someday you will say “that’s it, that’s all”
but I’ll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
I know that you think that you’re on your own
but just know that I’m here
and I’ll lead you home
if you let me
she said “forget me”
but I can’t


Take That- The Flood

01 Easy
I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
The Menzingers


all i ever wanted was to make things right

George Ezra

But for you
I’d Leave it all
For you
I’d Leave it all

Too Close
Alex Clare

…and it feels like I am just too close to love you
so I’ll be on my way

Twin Twin


Moi-Même - Twin Twin

Paris paris
Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner

Paris, Paris, mon amour, je t’aime, je t’aime tous les jours….

Something I Need

you got something i need
in this world full people
there’s one killing me
and if we only die once
i wanna die with you

Somewhere In The Between
Streetlight Manifesto


song of the day 4/

somewhere in the between // streetlight manifesto

The Clarity Of Morning
Apologies, I Have None


Apologies, I Have None - The Clarity of Morning

La Camisa Negra

Tengo la camisa negra
y debajo tengo el difunto