Day 23 - Favourite Anti-Flag lyrics

"When all the lights go out

When all the world is in doubt

When all the good cease to move


- When All The Lights Go Out

"Seems every station on the TV

is selling something no one can be.

If every page was torn from the magazine,

would cash still drive the media machine?

The products, damage and pursuit are endless,

identity can leave you selfless.”

- This Is The End

"They spend my money on hotels just so they can tell,

tell Mr President that I’m jerking off.¬†

I’m being watched, I’m being watched, I’m being watched by the CIA!”

-I’m Being Watched By The CIA

"The people in the fight of our lives,

the spark of revolution in a farmers’ suicide.

SOS this is a global call.

You better make a stand,

you better make it now.

Take back your rights from the IMF, World Bank and Monsanto!”

- The WTO Kills Farmers

"Have you ever been alone? Transperency… In the middle of millions of others but still somehow unseen?"

- We Are The Lost