hello students. welcome to my math class. we will be having a class trip this year, the first ever math field trip in history. it’s to hell. here we are

the last thing i need to get off my chest (sorry i know i am annoying)

there is this part in the dance when he is that close to me and looks directly in my eyes and smiles and in that two seconds everything seems to be perfect and i melt inside.

So my parents won’t let me order a Billy Talent shirt because they think “this band is crazy” and it would make me “depressive.” They just don’t understand me.

It’s not that this band actually saved my life and of course, a shirt always causes depressions.


Billy Talent at the Kerrang! Awards


Billy Talent at the Kerrang! Awards

I am afraid that anon hates me now D:

What I am doing just to see Anti-Flag live…

  • I drive more than 6,5 hours to get to the city where they play.
  • I am going to stay about 3 damn days with my friend at her aunt’s place (I don’t even know this lady and her family!) 
  • I have to spend 150 EUROS JUST FOR THE TRAIN TICKET
  • with the concert ticket and the price for the bus to get to the train station it’ll cost more than 190 EUROS
  • A present for the family where I can stay… ~195 Euros
  • Have to buy a ticket from the city where Anti-Flag plays to the city where my friend’s aunt and her family live… Another 20 Euros… ~210 Euros.
  • I am going to buy merchandise at the show…So it’ll be around 250 Euros.
  • 250 Euros
  • 250 Euros
  • 250 Euros
  • and I have to stay with people I don’t know
  • for three days
  • three days

I really like Anti-Flag, but…

250 Euros and THREE DAYS with a family I DON’T KNOW AND NEVER MET BEFORE? I hope they are nice…And that they have/cook vegetarian food for me… Because if they are like my friend’s family (they eat nothing but meat) I am going to starve. But I don’t want to be annyoing and be like “Oh no I only want to eat vegetables because I am an annyoing stupid guest and this is your house but I am bitching around about your food now” or something… Ugh, this will be really hard for me…

Have I mentioned that this thing will cost around 250 Euros? That’s 250 Euros I don’t even have.  

The longer I think about it the less I want to go to the concert… But my friend already expects me to go to her family with me. Damn it.