What I am doing just to see Anti-Flag live…

  • I drive more than 6,5 hours to get to the city where they play.
  • I am going to stay about 3 damn days with my friend at her aunt’s place (I don’t even know this lady and her family!) 
  • I have to spend 150 EUROS JUST FOR THE TRAIN TICKET
  • with the concert ticket and the price for the bus to get to the train station it’ll cost more than 190 EUROS
  • A present for the family where I can stay… ~195 Euros
  • Have to buy a ticket from the city where Anti-Flag plays to the city where my friend’s aunt and her family live… Another 20 Euros… ~210 Euros.
  • I am going to buy merchandise at the show…So it’ll be around 250 Euros.
  • 250 Euros
  • 250 Euros
  • 250 Euros
  • and I have to stay with people I don’t know
  • for three days
  • three days

I really like Anti-Flag, but…

250 Euros and THREE DAYS with a family I DON’T KNOW AND NEVER MET BEFORE? I hope they are nice…And that they have/cook vegetarian food for me… Because if they are like my friend’s family (they eat nothing but meat) I am going to starve. But I don’t want to be annyoing and be like “Oh no I only want to eat vegetables because I am an annyoing stupid guest and this is your house but I am bitching around about your food now” or something… Ugh, this will be really hard for me…

Have I mentioned that this thing will cost around 250 Euros? That’s 250 Euros I don’t even have.  

The longer I think about it the less I want to go to the concert… But my friend already expects me to go to her family with me. Damn it.